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Optimum 9200 (5 year warranty)

SKU: OPT9200
A 3 horse power high speed blender that is affordable and made to last. (A one year commercial warranty is available for a lower price. A 10 year warranty is available too at a cost of another $110 - please email us if you are interested in the longer warranty if it is not yet on the website.)

Colour options: Black or grey base.

The best-selling Optimum blender, sponsored by many and used by franchises around Australia, is a commercial-grade blender manufactured uniquely for Athena Solutions with the aim of rivalling the world’s most recognised and respected brands.

Choosing between Optimum models:
The Optimum 9400 is a 2012 best-selling blender, perfect for making smoothies, juices, nut butters, hot soups, ice creams, salsas, dips etc. The Optimum 9400 also comes with an optional 10-Year Warranty, and is a commercial-grade blender, therefore will last you many years without any issues

The Optimum 9900 is the next level up. The 9900 is more powerful and faster than any other blender in the industry, and will perform the same functions mentioned above but at a faster speed. The 9900 is considered as one of the highest-quality blenders in the industry, and will also last you many years with no issues.

Both Optimum models are high-quality appliances manufactured using the highest-quality parts. The only difference is essentially speed: The Optimum 9900 can blend faster than the 9400 model (and any other blender in the industry), therefore it can prepare soups and ice cream, blend nut butters and smoothies at a faster seed (15-20% faster) and with more ease.

The Optimum 9400 is still faster than our competitor Vitamix, but does not reach the speed of the 9900. However, it is still made using high-quality parts, outlasting and outperforming competition.

The Optimum 9200 is the same as the Optimum 9400, manufactured using the same high-quality durable parts. The main difference is functionality: dial (9400) vs. buttons (9200)
The benefits of the dial is increased durability and more control, and the benefit of the buttons is the time function.
Price: $791.00
Availability TBC - email to order
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Optimum 9200 (5 year warranty)
Optimum 9200 (5 year warranty)
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